Positive birth experiences


“The quality care and support I received during my labor was incredible. Having Christians support ensured that I was calm and prepared for my delivery, during labor, and postpartum. She was very knowledgeable and helped me stay focused as well and encouraged me to keep pushing when I wanted to give up”

Mallory Freeman


“Extremely grateful to have had Christian. She helped me stay as calm and focused as I could, especially when I panicked during transition. She handled the pressure well and kept me on track for the birth plan I had hoped for.”

Sacha Rogers

“Christian took the fear out of childbirth and replaced it with positivity and excitement about getting to meet my baby boy. She took the time to get to knew me, and what I needed. I felt more comfortable and confident with such a strong, positive woman by my side. She prepared my husband and I for what was to come and anytime I would start to feel overwhelmed, she would grab my attention and remind me of how great I was doing.”

Haley Ramey

"She kept me grounded and focused on the end goal... Christian held my hand when I needed her to and she stood close holding space for me when I couldn’t stand being touched. I could never write every amazing thing about her or all of the things that she did for my family."

Amanda Argo

"Christian was very helpful and explained different procedures that I was unsure about. She provided information and research on all of the topics I needed insight on so that I was able to make informed decisions about my care. Christian also helped me tackle all of my fears. My husband was much more prepared after our prenatal with Christian and as a first-time father, he had a much better idea of what to expect on the big day."

Amber Ray

"Christian is very knowledgeable about all things birth-related and was able to answer all of our questions. It was delightful and comforting to have her to text/call and run things by prior to labor. She added a calming voice and patient support as we navigated our options, and she made many various helpful suggestions on position, environment, and medical decisions...so that my husband was able to focus solely on me and the labor. Although our birth did not end up going the way we had hoped, Christian was continually supportive and just a fantastic cheerleader for us from start to finish!"

Stephanie Williams

"Christian held me and encouraged me and coached me and lifted me up and reminded me that I was capable and my body knew what to do. ...One of the most significant parts about the experience was Christian working with my partner to show him how to help me through my contractions. Thank goodness because I cannot imagine a birth experience that did not involve my partner helping and loving me through it. ...Christian gave me the physical and emotional support I needed which empowered me to have the beautiful birth I had dreamt of and a story I am proud to share."

Katie Timberlake


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