• Christian Montgomery

A Birth Blessing or Blessingway

Close your eyes and imagine... you have set up your sacred space and now it is filled with all the people who you have asked to be with you.

You have set up your birth altar and ceremony space. Your chosen support people gathered in community around you, encircling you with their presence. Each guest is smudged with sage as they enter the ceremony space. We set our intentions to uplift and bless this new mother and family. We ask them to bring positive energy and to leave fears behind.

Your ripe pregnant belly showing its readiness, your face glowing with excitement. You have asked your guests to each bring a gift from the earth to share. As they come into the space you asked them to build a fire with you to bring warmth and focus.

I speak your beautifully written words, naming what you wish for this child.

"When all the elements of Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Spirit are aligned in your creations, they come into form, almost, magically. This level of harmony and alignment between the forces provides a powerful synergy that draws the creation into form...May the firmness of the earth, freedom of the air, fierceness of the fire, and the flow of the water be yours. May all the gifts of spirit be with you now and remain with you always."

As we move through the elements of earth, air, fire, water and spirit, you take it all in and sit with reverence for this fleeting time at the end of pregnancy.

Each guest shares with you their innate birthing wisdom and their heart felt blessing for your nearing labor. Pouring their hearts into your receiving arms, filling you up with birth readiness. You feel held. You feel heard. You feel boundless love and overwhelming gratitude for how much they love and support you. Each blessing lifts your heart higher and you feel their warmth and comfort filling the air.

As the circle comes to a close you are presented with a gift, a labor necklace of beads strung by your guests' beloved hands. A physical representation of their words and affirmations that you can keep close as you begin early labor and hold close through transition. You can conquer anything with their blessings of ease and wishes for a graceful birth experience.

As requested, each guest has put down their name and phone number for your labor chain, as well as chosen a day to provide your family a meal after birth. We gather in communion together to share a warm meal and each person takes a labor candle as they leave. When your labor begins, you start the labor chain and each guest lights their candle to connect with you in spirit. Their thoughts and prayers now focused on your work, amplifying their blessings, and cheering you on silently from afar.

A birth blessing is the opportunity to celebrate the sensitive time before birth and the sacred transition into parenthood. To prepare the pregnant individual spiritually and emotionally to rise up and meet the challenge of birth, and to gracefully usher them into motherhood. It is tailored to their preferences and needs, and there is many options to create a ritual of support specific to them.

Your network of family and friends want to support you and see you be successful in labor and postpartum. A birth blessing cultivates and nurtures this support opportunity. To be very clear about your intentions and goals for birth. To ask your people for the kind of support you need.

Humans have honored times of transition throughout our history. The pivotal moment of birth is the peak of the human experience. Your once in a lifetime, all important, life altering experience where you bring your own child into the world. This moment in so special and important! And you, the mother, the birthing person, YOU bring the life. YOU deserve to be celebrated, honored, nurtured and loved with service and word of affirmation.

Ideas for blessing way ceremony ritual include but are not limited to: relevant readings, birth altar set up, flower crowning, laying on of hands, birth affirmation banner craft, painting, dancing, yoga, guided meditation, sound bath, henna, belly painting, foot bath, making candles, and more.

Ideally, a blessing should be held between 33 and 36 weeks. When its getting close to birthing time and you are feeling all the big feelings of preparing for the occasion. We will meet prenatally to map out your event. You choose your invitees and I will help guide you through the invitation writing and planning process as well as help with set up and lead the ceremony.

I wish you strength and ferocity during this epic journey. I wish you find the power within you to ride the waves of intensity. You will go deep inside yourself to meet the soul of your child and it will take everything in you. I wish you grace as you escort them earthside. You are the perfect parent for this baby.

Blessings to you sweet mama, for birth and on this wonderful journey into parenthood.


Photos by Crystal Dorothy of CMD Snaps and NotSoSupermom VS Society.

Thanks to this lovely family for permission to capture and share their beautiful ceremony.


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