The origins of Di NiXi DOULA

The word DOULA is derived from ancient Greek and means woman serving woman, or female helper. The history of a woman attended labor dates back to as early as humans existed with the service of midwives supporting women during childbirth and early postpartum.

In ancient times, recognizing that birth could be high risk, Greeks and Romans created a pantheon; A trio of goddesses known as “Di Nixi.” They were thought to safeguard the childbearing person during labor and postpartum and to ensure ease of delivery. A temple was erected to Juno Lucina where pregnant women would wear their hair loose and adorn it with a crown of flowers to pay homage to the goddesses. Historians differ in which other goddesses were a part of this trio but there are several to mention that are relevant.

I chose Di NiXi DOULA because as I strive to support the birthing person in a way that draws the ancient power of birth rights. Di NiXi DOULA is an advocate for informed birth choice based on current evidence and client preferences. To prepare for all possible outcomes is to never be caught completely off guard. These ancient myths of birthing deities demonstrated usefulness because they showed some insight into the scientific knowledge around that time about birth.

What is needed in this pregnancy? In this birth? I am here to support you in finding your own birthing way. To help navigate the information about risks and benefits associated with each choice. To offer perspective, and to normalize birth. It is as archaic as we are. It should be our right as a human to birth where and how we desire under the watchful eye of the birth attendant of our choice.


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