Birth is a time of transition. Pregnancy is the beautiful in-between worlds. As you ready your body, mind, and spirit to welcome the new life of your offspring; encouragement, and support will prepare you. Your birth blessing will celebrate and honor this sacred journey and hold space to enliven the birth giver with affirmations and fellowship. A celebration ritual to empower and lift the spirit and summon the ancient power of birth that is inside of every pregnant body. This ceremony is tailored to you. This type of special gathering brings support, ritual, and acknowledgment to the pregnant person in preparation for the journey of birth that lies ahead. 


Ideas for a birth blessing include but are not limited to:

  • flower crowning

  • beaded labor necklace

  • foot bathing

  • laying on of hands

  • circle blessing with yarn

  • birth altar

  • labor candle lighting

  • belly henna or casting

  • belly gold leafing

  • belly painting

  • food and libations

  • dancing for birth

  • yoga/meditation


My role within the birth blessing is to guide your loving guests in holding space for the ceremony in a peaceful and meaningful way. This service provides ideas for the setup of the space, planning and invitation writing, curating of spoken words, master of ceremony and leading of chosen rituals. We will have a meeting to discuss what you seek and which aspects of a blessing you connect with to map out a ceremony that is tailored to your needs. You are at the center of your families life and care, you are worthy of love and admiration as you embark on the journey of bringing this new life earthside.


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